World Forestry Center

The World Forestry Center is a non-profit educational organization based in Portland, Oregon, United States.
The Western Forestry Center, located near the Oregon Zoo in Washington Park, was founded in 1964 as the Western Forestry Center, with the physical facility debuting in 1971.
The World Forestry Center Discovery Museum is a great place for tree and forest lovers of all ages to learn about sustainability and see a Portland landmark all in one trip.
The museum, which is located in Washington Park, is conveniently accessible by MAX Light Rail.
The two-story, 20,000-square-foot (1,858-square-meter) structure has Northwest Regional-style architecture and a variety of interactive, forest-themed displays.
A range of simulators and virtual tours will educate and entertain both adults and children.

The World Forestry Center runs three programs, one of which is the museum.
The objective of this non-profit organization is to educate people about the value of forests and sustainable forestry.
The World Forestry Center was established in 1966 to replace the Forestry Building, a magnificent log edifice constructed for the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition.
After the original structure was destroyed in a fire in 1964, a new facility near the Oregon Zoo was built.
The World Forestry Center Discovery Museum is a great place to start.

Forests of the Pacific Northwest on the First Floor

The World Forestry Center is dedicated to raising awareness about the value of trees and forests around the world.
The Discovery Museum’s first floor, on the other hand, is dedicated to forests in the Pacific Northwest.
Discover the relevance of forest systems and cycles to streams and rivers, as well as how Oregon’s forests are managed.
Visitors from far and wide can learn more about the area’s forests and their unique role in the environment.
Learn to operate a Timberjack harvester, explore wildlife beneath the forest floor, and experience a “wet-free” Clackamas River raft ride!

Second Floor: The World’s Forests

Learn about the relationship between people and woods, as well as how they interact around the world, by going upstairs.
Throughout the exhibit, “travel” to several regions and meet people who are fighting to maintain trees in their areas viable.

The Museum’s Exit

There’s also more to see on the Discovery Museum’s outside.
Visitors may see a petrified Giant Sequoia tree stump that weighs 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) and dates back 5 million years.
Climb onboard Peggy, an antique steam locomotive, for some hands-on fun.
The automobile, which was manufactured in 1909, is now permanently parked outside the museum.

Make a trip to a Demonstration Forest. Visit The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Magness Memorial Tree Farm, the World Forestry Center’s demonstration forest and outdoor education location near Sherwood, is open to the public on Sundays (located 35 minutes southwest of Portland).
The area was donated in 1977 by local residents Howard and Panzy Magness to demonstrate forest management.
There are 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) of hiking paths on the farm, as well as streams, meadows, and picnic places.

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