What is a Good Age for Blepharoplasty?

Recovering From Eyelid Surgery
Following eyelid surgery, the majority of patients return to their regular activities in around 10 to 14 days, but you should be ready to take some time off to allow your eyelids to heal. Covering your main obligations in advance is a wonderful strategy to hasten your recuperation.
Clearing your schedule will allow you to concentrate on relaxing, whether you need to stock the pantry with simple-to-prepare items or ask a friend to take the kids to their activities.
Follow your self-care guidelines with diligence
Before your treatment, discuss what you’ll need for postoperative self-care with the Hooman Khorasani, MD staff. Then, when you return home from surgery, you will be prepared with what you need.
Cold compresses to minimize swelling, eye drops to avoid dry eyes, and an ointment to keep them lubricated are a few basic after-surgery eyelid care procedures. Gauze will also need to be available at home. You can dab (not touch!) your incision with sterile gauze if it seeps while it heals.
Focus on the goal at hand
For a short period of time, you won’t look amazing. Your incisions will seem red, your eyelids will be puffy, and the swelling and bruising may resemble a black eye. For the majority of our patients, who are impatient for results, this is a challenging moment. Don’t let the healing period depress you.
Within two weeks, the swelling disappears. The transformation will soon become apparent, and what a difference it will make will be evident. You’ll appear younger, have brighter eyes, and have a positive outlook on life.
Sun protection is necessary
There is no getting around the necessity of shielding your eyes from the sun and other environmental factors like the wind. Put on dark sunglasses with frames that extend past your eyes. For further protection, consider a hat. Additionally, adhere to your post-surgery instructions for using sunscreen.
Spare your eyes the strain
After having eyelid surgery, wait at least a week before checking email, reading a book, or watching an entire season of your favorite TV show. If you want to hasten your recuperation, you should avoid these activities because they are known for creating dry eyes.
Obtain adequate sleep
Getting enough sleep affects both your body and your eyes. As a matter of fact, having a good night’s sleep is among the best strategies to quicken your recovery because sleep deprivation slows wound healing.
You’ll likely experience greater fatigue than usual because healing requires a lot of energy. When you feel fatigued, schedule naps. If you want to recuperate as rapidly as possible, do not force yourself to keep moving during this time.
Skip the challenging activities
It’s crucial to avoid activities that boost blood flow to your eyes for the first two to four weeks following eyelid surgery. So, you should avoid things that are obviously bad for you, like running, aerobics, sports, and exercise that is too hard.
Also, avoid bending, lifting heavy objects, lying flat on your back, and other commonplace behaviors that put pressure on your head and cause more blood to flow into your eyes.
Continually unwind as you recuperate
Avoiding stress is another way to encourage faster wound healing and recovery. You can accomplish this while you’re recovering by ceasing all work-related communications (including emails and phone calls) and making plans for enjoyable activities that you can perform without using your eyes. If you want to unwind your body and eyes, you may want to add more music to your playlist or buy more audiobooks.
Avoid smoking
Smokers should be aware that smoking has an impact on healing. Your recovery takes longer since it slows down the healing process. Smoking raises the possibility of infection after surgery. Stopping smoking at least six weeks before surgery will help you prevent these issues.

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