Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood – Portland Oregon

Sellwood-Moreland is a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.
The Willamette River to the west, railroad tracks to the east, Brooklyn neighborhood to the north, and Milwaukie to the south define the L neighborhood on the east side.
John’s Landing and Sellwood are connected by the Sellwood Bridge, making it simple to reach downtown SW Portland.
The bridge is a pretty amazing old concrete bridge—really it’s tiny and picturesque—and it’s always bustling with bikers, joggers, and walkers.
It is our favorite Portland neighborhood.
The Sellwood Bridge joins John’s Landing and the Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood, making access to downtown SW Portland simple.
Bike riders, joggers, and walkers are constantly crossing it.
Oaks Bottom Animals Preserve is a long, wide length of wetlands and beach that is teaming with wildlife, starting beneath the bridge and heading north.
A riverside trail leads to Oaks Park, which contains a carnival ride system and a fantastic roller rink with wavy wood strips for skating.
In addition, there is an off-leash dog park.

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The Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood is seen on this aerial map.

SE Bybee divides the Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood from Westmoreland, and it becomes a bridge to Eastmoreland as it heads east, crossing a broad valley of RR tracks.
There are only three ways to get east from Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood to Eastmoreland across that stretch of tracks: SE Tacoma, SE Holgate, or SE Bybee.
It’s something to keep in mind if you’re trying to get from the river to Reed College.
The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood is full of quirky cottages, adorable small bungalows, Craftsman with large front porches to sit on in the summer, and stunning restored Victorian homes, all of which are located on calm tree-lined lanes.
The residential area continues west from Tacoma Rd, continuing north, towards Sellwood Park, a large park high above the river.
As you continue north, you will come across Westmoreland.
There are many shops, cafes, restaurants, antique stores, and other interesting places to visit.
The environment gets a little more mainstream as you approach closer to Westmoreland, and the houses are a little bigger- yet the ambience isn’t quite as distinctive, original, and creative as Sellwood!
With the community center, pool, and the New Seasons Store, Sellwood has a true neighborhood-community vibe.
If I were to live in a city, I’d pick Sellwood just because of the atmosphere and proximity to the river!

Taking the trails all the way into Portland and back is one of my favorite activities.
From the Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood, a route leads all the way to downtown.
Many folks commute to work on their bicycles.
It’s a lovely cruise down the river!
On both sides of the river, you may ride all the way around.
You can continue down the trail to the Steel Bridge, cross the river on the jogging bridge, and return on the [esplanade], which is a floating bridge that floats on the river on the Eastside.
A pedestrian bridge connecting SE Portland and the SW Waterfront District, as well as Downtown, was just completed. Visit Reed Neighborhood

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