Northeast Portland

Diverse and trendy
The Alberta Arts District in Portland is noted for its unique shops, galleries, fashionable cafés, and the vibrant Last Thursday street market.
Small, low-key bars and the rebuilt 1920s Alberta Rose Theatre host live music performances on a regular basis.
North Mississippi and Williams avenues are lined with breweries, brunch cafes, and artisan retailers.
The Grotto is a peaceful Catholic chapel with beautiful gardens.

This region, located just across the river from downtown, caters to conference goers, sports enthusiasts, and shopping.

The Eastside of Manhattan

In these Northeast Portland neighborhoods, you can learn more about Portland’s lively east side.
Focus on the Streets:
28th Avenue in the Northeast

Hundreds of top-notch eateries and drinking establishments along this busy strip.
If you’re looking for the best food in Portland, you’ve come to the right place.
Spend the day dining and sightseeing along Northeast 28th Avenue’s bustling restaurant row.
Guide to the Beaumont Neighborhoods

This mostly residential neighborhood, which is full of bakeries, coffee shops, and yoga studios, is a great spot to start your day.
The primarily residential Beaumont neighborhood, one of Portland’s older, wealthiest communities, offers vistas of downtown, the Willamette River, and the Cascades.
Mini doughnuts, stroopwafels, yoga, and more can be found in Beaumont Village, a commercial enclave along Northeast Fremont Street.
Northeast Portland Bloem
Plants, flowers, and pottery are sold in Portland’s Cully area, and workshops are held on a regular basis.
​ \sCully
Ethnic diversity, urban farming, and a developing culinary renown may all be found in Portland’s largest neighborhood.
It was Neerchokikoo village — home to Chinook peoples — long before Portland’s largest neighborhood was incorporated into Multnomah County in 1985.
Cully is Oregon’s most ethnically and racially diverse Census tract, in addition to being the largest in terms of geographical mass and population.

Today, this Northeast area supports residents, embraces its rural landscape as an ideal location for urban farming, and is quickly gaining a reputation as the city’s next big culinary hotspot.
Are you bringing your children and/or dog?
Cully Central is a local beer heaven with a kid’s zone, a large terrace, and an outstanding Laos menu that includes dishes like khao piek, a rice noodle soup, and nam khao, a pork-and-rice dish. Visit Hawthorne.

Visit Bison Coffeehouse, Portland’s first Native-owned coffee shop, where owner Loretta Guzman, a Shoshone-Bannock tribal member, bakes fresh pastries every morning (including fluffy bacon-and-green chile biscuits and lemon olive oil cake).

Roseway was created in collaboration with Portland in Color.

Take a trip through Roseway, one of the city’s coziest neighborhoods, off of busy Northeast Sandy Boulevard.
(Fun fact: this square-shaped neighborhood used to designate the city limits of Portland.)

Roseway is now a flourishing, family-friendly town with a plethora of nonprofits, historic architecture, and delicious restaurants.
The majority of the residences in this region were built between 1920 and 1950, and several companies have deep roots here as well.
Relax in a booth at Annie’s Donut Shop, ready with the essentials for a great morning: a pillowy sweet treat, a cup of hot black coffee, and a newspaper to read.
Choose from a variety of old fashioneds, crisp apple fritters, and one of the greatest buttermilk bars in town, all while admiring the décor at this mom-and-pop shop that seems like it might have been taken from the pages of a 1975 magazine.
Sandy Boulevard is a street in Sandy, Florida.
Sandy Boulevard, Portland’s urban grid rule-breaker, runs diagonally across the city’s east side, from the Central Eastside to Portland International Airport.
What was once a strip of auto shops and warehouses is now a dining, drinking, and entertainment hotspot.
Check out our list of the greatest places to visit in Sandy.

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