Hawthorne Portland OR

Along Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, the Hawthorne district is recognized for its bohemian ambiance and varied mix of unusual gift shops, bookstores, and secondhand boutiques.
Classic diners, taco joints, and vegetarian restaurants are low-key options, but pubs, music clubs, and beer bars provide a bustling nightlife.
Mt. Tabor Park, on the rim of an extinct volcano, offers hiking and bike routes as well as panoramic views of the city.
Most people associate Portland with smiling hippys, eccentric independent small stores and eateries, and a variety of other stereotypical characters.
This is the Hawthorne neighborhood.
Hawthorne is one of Portland’s best kept secrets, and while it’s hippy and quirky, it’s also unique and great.

Observe and Act

People watching is by far the best thing to do on Hawthorne.
The people watching here is some of the best in the country, because there’s a good possibility you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.
There is enough to do in this neighborhood aside from people watching.
The Hawthorne Theater and the Bagdad Theater are both located here. Visit Portsmouth OR


Any chain eateries are exceedingly unlikely to be found on Hawthorne.
Instead, there are numerous individually operated restaurants and food trucks.
Not only are they unique, but many of Portland’s best eateries are located here.
You could spend many days dining your way up and down Hawthorne Boulevard because there are so many outstanding eateries in this region.
Breakfast should be had at Jam on Hawthorne, lunch at Lardo, and supper at Castagna.
The Hawthorne District is still bustling late at night.
There are several venues open till late night, ranging from neighborhood pubs to buzzing bars.
There are a couple of excellent theaters in this area.
You may watch a movie at the Bagdad Theater or listen to live music at the Hawthorne Theater.
There are no hotels in the Hawthorne District at this time, but there is a hostel, The Portland Hostel Hawthorne District, which has four beds, including two private rooms, two co-ed dorm rooms with men and women together, and segregated women’s and men’s dorms.
On sites like VRBO or AirBNB, you may find a variety of places to stay in this neighborhood.


The Hawthorne District is home to some of the city’s most unique shops.
You can buy everything from everyday items to the strangest things you’ve ever seen in a store.
You can get a rockabilly outfit to impress your pals at Naked City Clothing, or a card for Grandma’s birthday at Presents of Mind.

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