Bridgeton Portland, OR

Bridgeton is a tiny neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, consisting of detached residences, rowhouses, apartment and condominium buildings, and houseboats.
Between the Columbia River and Bridgeton Slough, it occupies a short strip of ground around a levee.
Bridgeton is located along Marine Drive in North Portland.
It is bounded on the south by the Kenton, Piedmont, and East Columbia neighborhoods, and on the north by Hayden Island and the Columbia River.
I-5, downtown Portland, and adjacent N and NE Portland neighborhoods are all accessible through major freeway ramps that pass beside Bridgeton.
The fact that Bridgeton is so close to the freeway does not detract from its livability, as the ramps are not in the neighborhood but on the outskirts.
Bridgeton has a delightful small-town vibe to it, with many residents knowing each other by name.
Because it is located on the Columbia River’s south channel, the area is a marine community.
Bridgeton inhabitants, while in Oregon, are about midway between Portland and Vancouver, Washington, providing a wider range of dining and retail options.
Getting to both cities is quick and straightforward throughout the day, but at rush hour, northbound traffic on I-5 is frequently congested. Visit Brooklyn

Environmental protection, water safety, traffic and noise control, and the proposed Columbia River Crossing project are all problems that worry the Bridgeton community.
“The Columbia River Crossing project aims to improve the mobility, dependability, and accessibility of the I-5 corridor from State Route 500 in Vancouver to approximately Columbia Boulevard in Portland for vehicle, freight, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian users.
This project will produce a financially viable solution that boosts the area economy and tries to support community livability through an inclusive, collaborative process.”

Check out the Bridgeton Blog and the Bridgeton Neighborhood Association website at for a local’s perspective on Bridgeton.

Locals may readily reach the Max light rail train, and the I-5 freeway is also quite accessible and easy.
Bridgeton is just a few minutes east of Marine Drive from the Portland International Airport.
Noise from the airport has been a source of concern and annoyance for some Bridgeton residents.

Recreation and parks

Columbia Edgewater Golf Course, Portland Meadows

Loop of 40 Miles
The 40-mile loop that includes Bridgeton is known for hiking, biking, and strolling…

Nearby parks and recreational opportunities include:

Basketball and tennis courts, a gymnasium, paved walks, a beautiful ancient rose garden, play structures, and an outdoor swimming pool can all be found at Peninsula Rose Park.

Playground and picnic tables are available at Gammans City Park.

Matt Dishman Pool and Community Center
Indoor pool, fitness facility, and movement classes are all available.

Resources for the Community

North Portland branch of the Multnomah County Library

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association is a group of people that live in Bridgeton

Bridgeton Neighborhood Vibe North Portland Tool Library

Outdoorsy and active.
This is a lovely neighborhood that feels extremely distinct from the rest of Portland.
Bridgeton has a delightful small-town vibe to it, with everyone knowing one other’s names.
People who live by the water have a genuine appreciation for their beautiful natural surroundings.
People may be seen feeding the ducks or greeting the neighborhood’s other avian friends, such as “Gus,” the local goose.
Bridgeton Real Estate 97217 Bridgeton Zip Code

Traditional residential homes, house boats and floating homes, townhomes, condos, and some expensive apartment homes are also available in Bridgeton.
While Bridgeton’s lifestyle may appear to be a world away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland, it is only a 15-minute drive down I-5 to the city, and a similar distance to the Portland International Airport.
The Jantzen Beach shopping center has a lot of local shopping.
So, if you want to live a water-focused lifestyle while yet being close to modern comforts, Bridgeton might be the place for you.

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