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What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?
Asian eyelid surgery that generates a prominent break in the upper eyelid is known as double eyelid surgery, also known as double fold surgery or Asian double fold surgery. The goal of this procedure is to make your eyes look more defined. It does this by emphasizing your natural features and refining the shape of your eyelids.
Due to the wide variety of eyelids, not every eyelid has a double fold, also known as the crease at the top of the eyelid platform. Both men and women typically find this crease attractive since it defines the eyelid. It also makes it easier to put on makeup and gives you another way to make your eyes look better or change how you look from day to day.
Both a double fold and a lack of one are typical in Asian eyes. A skillful surgeon can create a low crease that defines the upper eyelid fold. A tiny portion of the platform skin must be removed during the intricate procedure, which also entails gently tightening the skin and muscle. With the exception of the upper eyelid fold, which can make you look a lot better, the rest of the eyelid’s appearance is the same.
To get a natural look, the fold’s positioning is crucial. Each eyelid must have the fold exactly and proportionately placed on it, while also retaining the majority of the original eyelid. Because some textbooks advise making this crease too high or because the surgeon occasionally lacks expertise in Asian double-fold surgery, treatment with a nonspecialist may unfortunately result in unsatisfactory results. Finding a highly skilled surgeon who is familiar with the nuances of this surgery and can customize it for each eye is essential for achieving a natural appearance. Your surgeon should adopt a very cautious strategy with the intention of enhancing your eyelid definition rather than altering the appearance of the eyes as a whole.
Along with locating the top oculoplastic surgeon, you must make sure to look for the most effective way to create the double fold. One method is the surgery mentioned above, but another popular method involves utilizing sutures as temporary stitches to form an upper eyelid crease. These threads eventually break down since they do not survive very long. Choose double fold surgery for a more lasting enhancement and a highly refined appearance. While everyone’s Asian eyelids are naturally unique, this procedure should always preserve them. Your eyes are as special as you are, so a successful surgery needs to be customized for you.
Make an appointment with an oculofacial surgeon who specializes in Asian eyelid surgery and has vast experience to learn more about Asian eyelid surgery. Look closely at the before and after pictures of the person to make sure the results are natural-looking. Your goals and the appearance you want to attain should be clear to both you and your doctor. By giving your natural features more definition, double-fold surgery can enhance your appearance. With the correct surgeon, you can feel confident in your future.
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